Florida Workplace Injuries

Many Americans work in occupations where they are subjected to risk of serious injury from a variety of workplace dangers. When injuries occur on the job as a result of employer neglect or misconduct, or the wrongful conduct of others, workers can be faced with disability, unemployment, and lost wages. An experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyer in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully litigate these cases.

On the job injuries are often the result of unsafe working conditions and/or the negligence of employers, supervisors or co-workers. Workers can be injured at job sites and locations away from the usual workplace as well as on their employers’ premises. Frequently off-premises work-related injuries are caused by unsafe working conditions, including hidden or latent hazards and dangerous conditions, or the negligence of other contractors and businesses at a jobsite. A knowledgeable Florida Injury Attorney in the Product Liability Claims subject will assist you to successfully litigate these cases.

Injuries sustained in the workplace are usually covered by an employer's workers' compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation benefits may simply be insufficient to fully compensate injured workers for their losses, their pain and suffering, and their loss of quality of life. In cases involving gross negligence on the part of an employer or negligence on the part of a third party, you may be able to recover additional damages through a civil lawsuit. This is especially important in cases involving serious injuries that may result in long-term disability and pain and suffering not covered by workers' compensation benefits. A professional Florida personal injury attorney in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully take legal action for you.

If you've been injured in a workplace accident, your medical care and lost wages are covered by workers' compensation, and you can't sue your employer. But if your injuries were caused by defective equipment or a contractor's negligence, you may have an additional claim. Personal injury claims may also be brought together against warehouse owners, defective product manufacturers, uninsured employers, contractors, subcontractors, lessors and other third parties whose negligence caused their workplace accidents. A skilled Florida Lawyer in the Product Liability Claims area will fight for you.

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