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Prescription drugs make many people's lives better -- and for some people, they make life possible. But with the flood of new drugs to market over the past decade and the FDA's 1997 decision to allow drugs to be marketed directly to consumers, prescription drug use is rising rapidly. And unfortunately, not all of those drugs are prescribed or used safely. A 1998 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that more than 100,000 patients died each year from adverse drug reactions in hospitals alone. Another JAMA report from 1998 found that 51% of all prescription drugs had serious side effects not recognized before they gained FDA approval. An Experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyer in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully litigate these cases.

Because prescription drugs are so profitable, they are often raced to market without the independent testing needed to ensure that they are safe. Pharmaceutical companies may run their own studies, but because they have a financial incentive to come up with positive results, these cannot always be trusted. Companies downplay or even hide results of independent studies that show their drugs could be dangerous. Even when a medication is found to have serious health risks, it sometimes stays on the market with no penalties but a stricter warning label. A knowledgeable Florida Injury Attorney in the Unsafe Drug Claims subject will assist you to successfully litigate these cases.

Drug manufacturers, pharmacists and doctors have a responsibility to ensure that the drugs they prescribe their patients do not cause harm. Some drugs have dangerous side effects, while others have the potential to cause long-term damage. These drugs are often the subjects of later recalls. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a regulatory role in approving and monitoring their safety after approval of a drug, the manufacturer is ultimately liable for any injuries from their medications. A skilled Florida Attorney in the Unsafe Drug Claims area will fight for you.

In the past few years, several popular drugs have been removed from the market after they were associated with numerous deaths or severe injuries. You may have heard of these medications, which include the popular diet drugs known as Fen-Phen (Phentermine, Pondimin (fenfluramine)) and Redux (dexfenfluramine), the heartburn medicine Propulsid, the diabetes drug Rezulin, the irritable bowel syndrome medication Lotronex and the painkiller Duract, among others. An Experienced Florida Lawyer in this topic will fight and fight and fight for you.

Prescription drug injuries can be very serious. Not only can they affect the deepest and most vital parts of the human body, but in many cases, medical professionals may not realize that a patient's illness was caused by a drug, causing them to lose precious treatment time. Indeed, the causes of some prescription drug injuries may not be apparent until months or years later, when independent scientists discover problems with the drug. Some of the most serious injuries caused by recently discredited prescription drugs include heart attacks and myocardial infarction, heightened or lowered blood pressure, blood clots, rapid changes in blood sugar and other potentially fatal conditions. An Experienced Florida Attorney in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully litigate these cases.

Patients who are concerned about the dangers of prescription drugs can speak with their doctors about the medications they currently take and watch the FDA's recall list for information about unsafe medications. But those who have already been injured have the right to take their cases to a court of law; indeed a lawsuit may help prevent unsafe drugs still on the market from harming others. In a prescription drug injury lawsuit, you could win money to cover the medical costs that using the drug incurred; compensation for the serious injury or permanent disability of a loved one; and perhaps even punitive damages, which punish a manufacturer for deceptive or illegal practices. A professional Florida Unsafe Drug Claims attorney in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully take legal action for you.

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