Florida Fires and Explosions

Fires can start from a gas leak, a boiler explosion, a crumbling chimney or any number of other sources. No matter how it occurs, when you or someone you care for has experienced a loss from a fire or an explosion, it is important to seek prompt medical and legal help. Insurance may cover some fire and explosion injuries and property losses, but not all insurance companies are eager to make good on the promises that are made in their policies. You may even find that the fire or explosion incident in which you were involved is not covered by insurance. An Experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyer in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully litigate these cases.

Fire and Explosion Statistics

Fires kill more people per year than all natural disasters combined. On average, more than 15,000 people are injured and over 3,000 people lose their lives each year due to fires and explosions. Residential fires are the leading cause of injury due to fire. They account for 81% of all fire deaths. A knowledgeable Florida Injury Attorney in the Fire and Explosion Claims subject will assist you to successfully litigate these cases.

When a fire starts in a home or other similar structures, you can have as little as one minute to safely evacuate. 23% of fire injuries occur while people are attempting to escape fires. Sticking around to put out a fire or handle the aftermath of an explosion is not advisable. 39% of injuries from residential fires occur while the victims were trying to control the fire. A skilled Florida Attorney in the Fire and Explosion Claims area will fight for you.

Who is Responsible for Damage Related to the Fire or Explosion?

It may be that the fire or explosion accident was caused by, for example, your own child playing with matches. In such a case, your insurance carrier may be your only source of compensation. However, sometimes others are responsible for your fire or explosion injuries and losses, and they may be required to compensate you for those damages. An experienced Florida Lawyer in this topic will fight and fight and fight for you.

The parties responsible for your fire and explosion injuries may include:

  • The Landlord: In the majority of fires, fire detectors are either not present or are not working, and it may be the property owner's fault if fire detectors or fire alarms were not working when your fire broke out. 78% of fire deaths and 60% of fire injuries are caused by faulty or non-operational fire alarms. The landlord may also have failed to maintain equipment, which may have caused a boiler explosion.
  • Adjacent landowners: Your neighbor's negligent actions may have caused your property to ignite or explode, by, for example, leaving an unattended barbeque start a fire that went out of control.
  • Manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers of faulty products: Those who manufacture or sell defective products, such as electrical outlets or gas dryers and stoves, which cause a fire or explosion on your property may be responsible for your injuries and property losses.
  • Contractors: A contractor may have improperly installed electrical wiring or appliances. Contractors working on your property may also misuse a blowtorch or combustible materials, such as paint thinner or gasoline, in a manner that causes an explosion or gas fire.
  • Other tenants and their guests: Another tenant of your apartment building might have started a fire or caused an explosion, perhaps with a cigarette. Smoking accounts for 6% of all residential fires.
  • Business owners: If you are at a business establishment, such as a restaurant, and a fire breaks out or an explosion occurs, the ability to exit the structure is crucial. If exits are not clearly marked or occupancy limits are not adhered to, injuries from burns, smoke inhalation and even panic-induced stampeding can occur. Business owners who do not follow the law to prevent such accidents during a fire or explosion event may be liable to you for damages. An experienced Florida Attorney in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully litigate these cases.

How Can I Be Compensated for the Fire or Explosion?

The compensation an injured party is entitled to for your property losses and injuries due to fire or explosion will vary with each case, but may include:

  • Medical Bills: Costs for medical care following a fire or explosion may include: emergency transport, emergency room and hospital stays, doctor's visits, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, surgery and medical supplies.
  • Property Damage: The property damage resulting from a fire or explosion might include loss of furniture, loss of personal belongings and clothing, structural damage and restoration costs.
  • Pain and Suffering: The emotional trauma of living through an explosion or fire can be one of life's most devastating events, particularly if you have sustained permanent injuries, have lost a loved one or have lost many of your treasured personal belongings.
  • Lost Wages and Impairment of Future Earning Capacity: A fire or explosion can impact your ability to continue to work or to continue in your chosen profession. It is important to assess the impact the fire or explosion has had on your ability to earn wages in the past and into the future.
  • Lifestyle Changes and Life Care Needs: Fire- and explosion-caused injuries can cause lifestyle changes, such as the need for a wheelchair. You might have sustained a permanent disfigurement, a brain injury causing cognitive impairment or other physical disabilities. You may need help for a few months, or forever, with performing normal daily activities, like driving to work or cleaning your home.
  • Punitive Damages: While punitive damages are not available in every explosion or fire case, there are some notable exceptions, such as when a business owner's gross negligence in blocking two of three exits with inventory prevents patrons from exiting a burning building. A reputable and skilled attorney can help you determine whether punitive damages are available in your case. A professional Florida personal injury attorney in this field will advance the costs and expenses necessary to successfully take legal action for you.

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